Who are we?

About Us


Australian Kiln and Mill Services was established in April 1998 to provide a complete mechanical maintenance service package for the rotary vessel industry.

Throughout Australia and New Zealand, AKMS has grown to become Australia’s leading specialist rotary vessel maintenance group.

AKMS have achieved this position by working with clients to achieve the best possible cost effective result for all circumstances.

Our Personnel

Our personnel have considerable experience in the rotary vessel industry and have worked on numerous kilns, coolers, dryers, calciners and mills in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Quality & Dedication


AKMS are a small group whose personnel are committed to safety, quality and client satisfaction. AKMS employs only those personnel who come to our attention by virtue of their skill and workmanship.

Attitude and personality are also significant considerations. People who meet these requirements are a very important asset and as such AKMS tends to be very conscious of the needs and safety of its employees. In return, AKMS employees demonstrate their appreciation by giving of their very best on each project as they know that client satisfaction is the ultimate AKMS objective.

Our Principals

AKMS principals take a personal interest in each project and are always available for consultation regarding behaviour and condition of the vessel long after a project is completed.

Our People

Highly Skilled Trades-people

By employing highly skilled trades-people AKMS now provide a complete ‘one-stop’ maintenance service to the rotary vessel industry. A client, by contacting AKMS, need only deal with the one company whether the requirement is either for advice, alignment surveys or for fabrication and installation of gears, bedplates and shell sections.


Trevor Flaxman

  • Director
  • Project Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Supervisor

Shane Jago

  • Director
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Mechanical Draftsman
  • Supervisor

Our Services


  • Planning and consulting for shutdowns and capital works.
  • On-line alignment surveys.
  • On-line alignment adjustments.
  • On-line ‘tuning/tracking/training’ of vessel.
  • On-line tyre and trunnion roller machining.
  • On-line tyre thrust face machining.
  • On-line check/thrust roller face machining.
  • Mechanical condition inspections and reports.
  • In-situ bedplate machining.
  • Drive train alignment.
  • Shell section replacement and straightening.
  • Hand dressing of gears and pinions.
  • Turning or replacement of girth gears and pinions.
  • Bedplate replacement.
  • Replacement of tyres and trunnion rollers.
  • Replacement of tyre chair plates and tyre stops.
  • Shell crack repairs.
  • Hand scraping of slipper bearings.
  • Ongoing maintenance packages.
  • QA inspection during fabrication of components.

Industrial Environments

  • Cement industry
  • Steel industry
  • Alumina industry
  • Fertiliser industry
  • Mining industry

Some of our Major Clients include: